Our Mission

Who are we? What are we doing? What’s our goal here? What are we trying to prove? All these questions revolve around the people who are watching us and our work. Actually we are a bunch of human beings trying to maintain the code of humanity for helping our fellow brethren. The world is moving so fast as people are getting engaged in their busy lives day by day. As a result, the word “Humanity” has somehow lost in our dictionary. So, we have come up with the mission to redeem that word and fight for it. Our organization has started on 9th May, 2019 with the motto of helping the poor people of the world including Bangladesh to improve their lifestyle by fulfilling their basic needs and we have to do a lot more to achieve this target. This might not be enough to quench our self-sustenance, but it has got more importance to achieve our goal. That day is not so far when we will reestablish the word “Humanity” in the dictionary of mankind where no one will be left unfed, no one will be left undressed, no one will be left uneducated in our country. Thus we will make Bangladesh free of distressed and deprived people by putting small foot steps forward and make this “Shonar Bangladesh” great.

Testimonial - Principal of DRMC

Brigadier General Kazi Shameem Farhad,ndc, psc

In today’s modern society, people are getting self-centered day by day. The technological advancement has improved the interconnectivity through social medias but unfortunately the real warmth of heart is missing and we find sharing our love and sorrow more digitally than that of sharing physically. In this reality, a group of students from my college is trying to bring a change which is absolutely a great initiative. What they are doing is truly praiseworthy and head of time. They only think of doing such good deeds. Actually doing something and saying something to do has a lot of differences. We always think what we are getting from the society but we do not ever think what we are giving to the society. Being a Remian, the platform that they have created for doing something for the deprived people will encourage the fellow students also. During my college days, I was also associated with such an organization which was name Leo Club affiliated with Lions Club of Dhaka West. In 1988, a devastating flood occurred where most of the parts of Dhaka city was flooded. At that time, we took an initiative to help the flood affected people by providing them with food, water and medicines, we roamed around Shyamoli and Agargaon by boat and identify and locate the needy people. We also collected flour, water, Gur and chira from house to house and made ruti, porota by ourselves and distributed to the affected people. I still remember that I with some of my friends donated blood at a blood campaign at Dhaka Residential Model College without even disclosing it to our family. People used to taunt us a lot that we worked without benefit but, we didn’t care for such things as these were done as humanitarian activities. Now, when I see these little stars, I feel assured that our future is in secure hands. Instead of having limited resource, time, they are still continuing it. A voice has been stricken in their heart which has grown their conscience that “Let’s put small efforts to change the world”. This positiveness and selflessness in this age is a huge thing that must be appreciated. Whenever an old man face difficulty to cross a road, lots of people just watch but don’t help them but there are only a few who steps forward to help him and these members of Bhoroshasthol are one of those few. Finally, I pray to Almighty for these little warm hearted future generation for their success in the right path. Bangladesh will turn into the real Shonar Bangla with the effort of these golden boys.


Ahnaf Abrar Husain, President & CEO

Bhoroshasthol, a social service organization, was formed on 9 th May, 2019. It was then 4 th May when I discussed my idea to help the poor with little contributions from our savings, tiffin money and other stipends. This idea was shared with 35 students of Dhaka Residential Model College who were my classmates. It came to being with the help of my friends who are still contributing to the organization with their time and hard work leaving their other recreational activities behind. It was my father who always motivated me to make me learn to help the poor. I would like to thank Samaun Bhai, Zakaria Sir, Mehedi Sir,Tahmid Bhai, Badrul Sir, Mustafiz Sir and others for helping us to make our event successfully. Now, it’s our time to launch more events to continue this charity work not for fame but for the development of the country. Support from my friends and family is playing a vital role in this regard. I would like torequest everyone to step forward and make “Shonar Bangla” great.

Minhaz Uddin, General Secretary

People often ask me this question, “Why are you doing Bhoroshasthol? What do you get by working there?” The thing is that I do it for myself. It may sound odd but it is my selfishness to work here. The happiness and peace that I get by helping the poor people out there makes me know who I am. I am also a human being like them. If Almighty wanted, He could have sent me to this world like them. But He didn’t, He has made me more fortunate than these poor people so that I could help them, so that I don’t forget my brethren. People who are around us always do their best to secure their lives. But most of them are incapable to do that. So, though it may have many obstacles on my way, but I have to overcome all of them. I always do in what I find my happiness. My parents have also taught me this. I can’t just live a happy life whereas many children of my age are leading a miserable life. I always try to follow something that I have learnt,“If a flower doesn’t bloom, we don’t fix the flower, we fix the garden.” That’s why through Bhoroshasthol I can help people by conquering the true side of mine i.e the true happiness in me.

Omar Faruk, Vice-President & Deputy CEO

Bhoroshasthol was formed on 9th May, 2019.It was formed with a view to help the poorer section of the country. We, the students of Dhaka Residential Model College took an initiative to help others by saving the money of our tiffin. Mother Teresa said, “If you can’t feed hundred then feed one” and this truly moved us. We are contributing to this organization and we believe someday we can demolish poverty. We alone can’t demolish it but let us take initiative. We are not doing anything for fame but we are doing it for the betterment of our country. We altogether can make this country a better place and make this country as our father of nation had dreamt. Special thanks to: Zakaria sir, Mehedi sir, Badrul sir, Mustafiz sir and obviously our family for supportingus.

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Your small contribution can make a huge difference. Please step forward and help us to bring a great change and make our Shonar Bangla great!


Support us by working hand to hand with us. Your time and efforts would bring smiles in the faces of the distressed, deprived and poor people of the world.


No matter what people thinks, it is our duty of the youth to play roles in developing our country. And it doubtlessly, we can cope up with the draw backs of the development of the country by either speaking for the deprived and working for their betterment.